It’s been a long time since I’ve put on my lil wings, but I’m thrilled to tell ya that for the sep 19 release of my new tome UNRELIABLE NARRATOR: ME, MYSELF AND IMPOSTOR SYNDROME, I’ll be swinging through a Whitman’s sampler of cities to squeak jokes & sign bookles & shake hands with babies this Fall!!! Tickets on sale starting this Thursday, July 20 at 10am PST! + More dates soon! Like an a cappella group, stay tuned! Visit for more info.

I know, I know, yer thinkin’ “but ‘parna’s so shy and modest, what could she have written a book about?” Duh, that! I wrote a book about how shy and modest I am! & now I’ll be hitting the road, bard-style, for a book-peddling/saying-hello tour that’s mostly standup…can’t wait to see you! (while remaining mortified the entire time)” in the meantime, book is still avail for pre-order, wheeeeee!!!